Security Automation

With the Home Automation range of Zemote, you Add an extra layer of security to your home with the Security Automation range of Zemote. You can lock/unlock your home from anywhere in the world by installing our Smart Lock, and monitor gas leaks using the Gas Leak Detector, that will shut down the gas connection as soon as a leak is detected and will notify you through the Zemote App to take appropriate action. The security automation solution we provide can fit in all Indian homes, old or new.

Smart Door Lock



Zemote Smart Locks can be installed on any wooden door


Lock/Unlock your home from anywhere in the world


Fingerprint & Passcode touch access as well as mechanical key input

Gas Leak detector

Zemote Smart Door Lock is India's first IoT wireless lock which helps lock or unlock your home from anywhere in the world from your smartphone. It also supports unlock by fingerprint, touch keypad passcode and mechanical key. You can also give temporary or one time access to your guests or friends and also time-bound access to domestic help, granting access between specified time slots. With Zemote IoT locks using and remembering keys is a task in the past as all access is provided in the Zemote App including attendance records of entry to your home.
Zemote Smart Lock can be installed on any wooden door and give you control of your door locks from the app. It is a completely wireless solution, which runs on batteries. The Smart Lock comes with a Light Module that can be configured to turn on whenever your door opened. We have a unique Fail-Safe feature as well that ensures your lock will work using the mechanical key input.

Gas leakages have been one of the major causes of fire accidents in India. Faulty cylinders, rats eating up the pipes or improper servicing of stove are some of the reasons that cause gas leakages. Will you want a product that identifies gas leakages and instantly shuts down the gas supply while also sending you an alert on your smartphone?